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Significant Others

In an increasingly individualistic and patriarchal society, I am intrigued by the invisible bond that exists between female-identifying people, which I believe is a unique source of power and strength. I’m fascinated by female friendships. How do we relate to each other and build each other up in a world that tells us we are rivals? What place do we have in each others’ lives whilst society pushes us to find an –often male- romantic partner that should be our number one priority?

Through over three hundred individual images made up out of illustration, photography, collage, painting and 3D sculpture, and six main themes that are explored in six publications, Significant Others researches the role female friendships play in modern feminism, and how they are viewed by society. It visualizes the way my female friendships make me feel – from the sickly sweet to the rough edges. After all, who would I be without them?

Significant Others has been shown at the AKI Finals (2019) and by Fotogalerie Objektief (2019).

I was interviewed about the project, and about my thoughts on femininity and gender by Hanna Jansen. 
Read the interview here.